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Choose your legacy...

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The Legacy of the Chosen Ones
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Welcome to chosen_legacy! A Roleplaying community for Angel: the Series and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The community is moderated by: Will (fireatwill1704) and Luke oclukeward

We've re-vamped (corny drum beat to indicate joke) this community into a stronger and better roleplaying game.

The out of character community for this RPG is legacy_ooc Join, greet, and plot. Seriously. Introduce yourself to the rest of the gang.
To apply for this community visit legacy_mod and fill out an application.

Legacy of the Chosen Ones

Fall, 2003

Sunnydale dead and buried (God rest its soul), and hundreds, maybe thousands of slayers are now activated and need to be found and trained. This is not humanly possible for the Scoobies to do alone, so they decide to ask Angel and his crew...a much larger crew than it once was, for help.

So, the Sunnydale crew now find themselves in LA, working with Angel and W&H.
Meanwhile, Jason Wood...yes folks, no coincidence there, lives in LA in foster care. One night he is chilling with his friends when he gets this surge of energy. He gets attacked and actually fights back and kicks butt. One of the group (Buffy's people or Angel's) finds him and helps him. They realize something the boy doesn't. Bring him back to "HQ". Yes folks, we now have a guy slayer...cool eh. Now everybody go “Oooooh! Ahhhh!!”

The gang questions a male slayer in existence while Jason wonders why he’s being examined by a bunch of weird people…that was …until he saw his father. Yes…we all knew that was coming. Robin, gave Jason away at an early age in order to protect him. Jason, on the other hand does not know this and is on the verge to revenge against Robin at any chance he gets.

Oh, now we can't have a community without out some big bad force of badness, now can we? Come on now!! Where is your head!!

Deep down in the depths of the city, a new force is rising, and the Senior Partners feel this power and decide to use it to their advantage.

Enter Tribal:
Covent of three warlocks:
Heart: Has the ability to look into a person's heart and destroy it (literally killing them).
Mind: Has the ability to tap into a person's thoughts and mess with their mind.
Soul: Has the ability to actually destroy a soul.
They have these abilities, as well as a vast knowledge of the dark arts. These three warlocks combined are a danger to the human race.

Some extra things going on...Giles helped to re-open a new Watchers' Council stationed at the old Hyperion. Wood and Andrew join the council, though Andrew is still in training (he thinks he’s a watcher though…don’t tell him.) Giles is the mack daddy watcher man.

Oh yeah...in this community, we pretend that Kennedy died in that big battle...it's better that way.

OC Potentials and Watchers are welcome.



Buffy- summers_buffy
Xander- right_behindyou
Willow- yammer_willow
Dawn - made_by_monks
Faith- faith_ofaslayer


Jason- jason_wood

Watchers: (3 OCs will be accepted)

Giles- frisky_watcher
Robin- wood_452
Andrew- andrew_sidekick
Andy Knight- andy_knight
Jin Feng - fengjin

Angel Co.

Angel- wellpreserved
Spike- mad_poet_spike
**Fred- frednotwinifred
**Lorne- theveridiandiva
Gunn- top_gunn17

Other Evil
Kaeth - without_a_soul_


Hacious (Heart)- notjustamuscle
Mie (Mind)- heed_me
Sacoughni (Soul)- tainted_xx_soul

OC's Potentials/Watchers Male or Female
**Means super important characters needed.

** = Important rules --> MUST be followed Actually, you need to follow all the rules, that's why we went out of our way to type them so you can read them.

**[01] You must post at least once a week, a dragging game is nobody’s friend.

[02] If you are involved in an active thread do not take longer than 48hrs to respond. If you have a specific reason why you cannot post tell one of the mods. We're pretty easy going if you just come and talk to us.

[2 1/2] Characters that have died or have previously been dead from Buffy Season 7 on, and Angel Season 4 on will stay dead. The community is about moving on and establishing a legacy. That means Joyce, Cordelia, Anya, etc. etc.</i>

[03] Zigging, we really don’t have a specific rule for this. But really folks…if it starts to get past 80 comments…be nice to your readers and start a new thread.

[04] Relationships – you may ship with whomever you please, just as long as the other character and the mods are okay with it and you provide a good reason.

[05] No quoting other people in your posts. If that character did not say that quote...then do not create it. We are sticklers for this rule…

**[06] Proper grammar is your friend. No tipng lyke diz. Tiz vry diztrakting adn hawd 2 read.

**[07] Along with above…please take the time out to Spellcheck your posts.

[08] At least a good 2 paragraph comment is appreciated. A paragraph consists of 3-5 sentences! (See! We went to school!)

**[09] Please post out of character business in the OOC. That’s what it’s there for. Posting in the regular journal is a no no and will result in a time out.

[10] This is a mature game. You must be 17 or older to play. (Geez we sound like a ride at Cedar Point! Minus the height requirement)

[11] Writing will be done in first person, just for consistency.

If you fail to follow any of these rules you will get a strike. And yes, we all know, three strikes and you're out.

Oh…and one more thing.

[12] HAVE FUN!!

If you have any questions of concerns…feel free to write them down, fold them into a tiny piece of paper, and throw it away/eat it/burn it; because we don’t give a crap. Just email Will - fireatwill1605@hotmail.com or Luke - lucasbward@gmail.com with your concerns.


- Luke and Will (Modly duo)